• Word-On-The-Wall

A high­light of my 2011 SUNY Fre­do­nia exhi­bi­tion was design­ing an instal­la­tion for a group of Fre­do­nia art stu­dents to pro­duce. The project focused on the con­cept of mem­o­ry” and became a metaphor for a uni­verse where con­stant change dic­tates that though mem­o­ry may be our only hold on the nanosec­onds of pass­ing time, the mem­o­ries we rely upon often tend to be flawed or dis­tort­ed. Just as rub­ber bands even­tu­al­ly lose their own stretch-and-snap mem­o­ries”, the flex­i­ble reli­a­bil­i­ty of our own mem­o­ries may become as frag­ile as the char­coal dust that was applied to this white wall by snap­ping dust-filled rub­ber bands around the sten­cil of the word MEM­O­RY.

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memory 3

Dusty work for Fre­do­nia art students

memory 2

The com­plet­ed instal­la­tion with a net of aging rub­ber bands at its base

memory 4

MEM­O­RY becomes a mem­o­ry at the close of the exhibit